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In the 20th Century, modern civilization was rebuilt around extracting, burning, and releasing fossil fuels into our atmosphere. Although this brought about a sophisticated standard of living that we can not retract from, the continual burning of this energy is boiling the Earth, and is placing a burden on the next generation of young people  that will require massive technological CO2 extraction, if they are to limit the permanent impacts climate change and rising sea levels will manifest.

Solution: Restore the natural balance of the environment through the responsible application of the Cannabis genus by creating sustainable products and implementing solutions and initiatives for the creation of a carbon negative planet.

Mission: Whether ganja or industrial hemp, our mission is to provide universities, governments, corporations, small businesses, and communities with the strategies and resources to innovate and flourish in the cannabis market, while simultaneously designing a sustainable future and carbon negative planet.

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The state of Earth’s natural ecosystem is at a STATE OF EMERGENCY due to the current production and consumption cycle of humanity. As a result, IHC operates towards solving this problem by constructing innovative R&D, and providing strategic long and short term solutions geared toward financial prosperity and circular economics that are in harmony with Earth’s natural cycle. From modern growing techniques, to streamlining the supply chain, to the final product/initiative, our focus  is innovation and sustainability.


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We all have the opportunity to work together through organization and industry cross-collaboration, to transition into a new state of equilibrium, with ourselves, and the planet.

The necessary CO2 extraction can take place rather quickly, today, with improved agricultural practices, implementing the necessary steps via cannabis, to improve soil fertility while increasing the soil’s carbon content.


We want to help you plan for a fruitful future in the cannabis industry. Our team is dedicated in providing world class services that help you reap the most out of the seeds you sow, without leaving a carbon footprint. Email us today for a free consultation.

Imperial Hemp Company operates within the cannabis industry, facilitating supply chain processes from the farm, all the way to the manufacturing of products, with a focus on sustainability, increasing revenue for our clients, and consistently increasing value, and identity to their consumers.

We support and provide farmers with crops, support businesses, and organizations looking for crops, and offer education, with strategic consultation to those transitioning into a more sustainable future who seek to be leaders within their industry.

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